Longhairs® the non-salon®


the extensions-free Alternative-thinking long hair lifestyle and organic natural products place.

it kinda grows on you if you are willing and open to change....


the famous Louise Marie Longhairs has devised and perfected the way to successfully grow your own long hair regardless of damage, culture condition or mistakes you or others have made on your beloved locks, even if you have never had long hair before. You have to learn to care for it. for 'less than' the cost of hair extensions and what you stand to learn is priceless.

 ...that hair extensions money is some hard earned money... we feel it could be better spent at

Longhairs® the Non-salon®.

as an investment in yourself...growing our own real-thing long hair... not a rental. no magic wand will excuse you from paying the dues of your having a 'moment' and cutting all off... lets grow it in for the first time or let's re-grow it right.

Just follow your heart and think for a moment as to what you really want, to rent or to own?...,its a no-brainer for us (including our clients) at  Longhairs® non-salon® and for people that use the products via mail-order... whose hearts are here.

others often notice... and I'm sure you understand, that if someone has hair extensions... that it can make the wearer rather uncomfortable and self-concious.... sometimes overly self-conscious. sometimes a little sensitive about having to wear them in the first place.

We can see them in there... but we know you are trying-on your dream.  

  LMLonghairs can help with your long hair dream.

 so now you know. provided you are of like and positive mindset...any-length starts.

 a long-hair personality isn't a pin-on fasten-on melt-on glue-on sew-on hair thing..its not .a hmmm idea, a short-term idea or an instant-society statement (ummm your extensions...pssst...i remind you that people can see them!!!) don't be caught looking like a fashion-of-the-moment image-following sheeple.

a true long-hair person doesn't emotionally react onto their hair by on the drop of a hat...cutting colouring and torturing it... on a whim.... thinking their  brand-new appearance will 'change everything'.

Long hair love' is a growing thing ...it takes more than just time... come grow with care and love with Louise Marie Longhairs. in-depth care...

if she has her way you may never want to part with your new  ever-faithful shining healthy long hair ever again. now that's worth the investment:-)~~~~~~"~

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